Capital investment for technology ventures

From first bright spark to final exit

Private Equity (PE) investment for technology businesses at any stage. Whether you have only just had the eureka moment and are seeking pre-seed, or are at a mature stage and looking towards an exit, we invest right across the spectrum.

Incubator and accelerator

Expertise, experience and skills to help nurture and accelerate. PE with a difference – there’s more to us than capital. We also support you as you strive towards those essential milestones for product development, market fit and sales growth.

Support for success

Fill gaps and add the complementary skills and resource you need. Access to expert business and technology consulting, sales and marketing, HR, financial and legal expertise. Get on with what you’re good at and stop worrying about the rest.

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Who we work with


Pre-seed funding for Concept stage ventures and support to validate the principle and develop a Minimum Viable Product.


Seed stage funding to help deliver against those all-important expectations for dashboard indicators of a strong product/market fit.


Early stage funding to develop product and infrastructure and bring in the right talent to complement the skills of the founders.


When a venture has got the legs, Series A funding helps Growth stage companies increase size and value to quickly.


Ventures in need of Series B round funding at the Mezzanine stage with capital injection to support an 8 figure valuation.


Series C funding to support large scale expansion and see your venture get to full fruition through IPO or M&A.