A boutique Family Office Private Equity firm that is dedicated to providing the funding to help tech ventures succeed.

Woodward Capital is a global Family Office PE firm with offices in Fitzrovia, London. We specialise in funding technology businesses and the company is owned and managed by entrepreneurs that have built and sold tech businesses.

We’ve sat on both sides of the table at funding round time. As a tech venture seeking capital injection, we know what it’s like to walk a mile in your shoes and sit where you’re sitting right now. For investors we offer the skills and expertise to manage risk in this specialised area of the market.

We understand your hopes and fears, but we’re not here to take advantage. We’re reasonable, fair-minded and here to help you succeed.

We're different

Conventions have grown up in the investment market. Most investment vehicles will consider investing in any type of business and often, they are only interested in the returns. Also, Angels, Startup Accelerators, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds – they usually have a preference for the stages of maturity at which they to want to step in and invest.

That’s why we are different. Woodward Capital works with tech ventures and they can be at any stage of maturity.

We have succeeded in building and selling companies and raising capital from other successful entrepreneurs, so of course we’re interested in the returns. However, it’s within the context of our passion for helping our fellow innovators and disruptors – we all belong to a community that’s changing the world.